We are a distributor of premium riding gear and motorcycle accessories.
Absolutely rider-oriented, with trust in the products we carry, selecting the very best products for motorcycle enthusiasts and professionals.

As a distributor for the upper segment in Malaysia, we concentrate on understanding the market geographically.
It's the key for us to distribute the products nationwide, and display the products at the right place with the right people, for the right consumer market, then it will be possible to give proper retail points to the consumers.

We believe in quality over quantity.
Most products we carry are technical and professional...it's not for everyone.
It's not like supermarket products that are easy to be sold online, or without customer service.

We keep educating our market, and we believe it's crucial.
Protective riding gear can save lives, or reduce the risk of injuries, those are the true sustainability of keeping this motorcycle culture.

We believe in the products.
We educate the market, and at the same time, we take care of our trusted brands/products that can be the best destination for the riders.


We are a professional for cross-trading business, we specialize in the distribution of various brands worldwide -  importing & exporting are the core activities of our business.

We are a multi-racial company with Japanese roots and a modern and logical mindset seeking synergy from each team member from different backgrounds.

Our history started in the year 1951 in Tokyo, Japan - in the middle of postwar reconstruction.
There were over 150 motorcycle manufacturers, which needed a stable and efficient supply chain and logistics for various parts to build their motorcycles.

Having sought to meet all the demands at the point of time, Yamashiro has been recognized as a mega distributor in the Japanese market since then.

In Yamashiro Malaysia, we mainly cover the Malaysian market but at the same time, we are working for third-party agents for several countries in a few brands where the brands are hard to enter, we are capable to take care of any cross-trade transactions that are also our extra value to provide for our suppliers.


In the motorcycle industry, we provide OEM product development service with Japanese standard supervision.

Even for the safety certification required products such as safety helmets, we can take care of most of the major certifications such as DOT, ECE, JIS with professionally experienced data analysis, technical knowledge, and strict supervision for R&D.

This will help our clients to build their own brand (private brand) and let them aim to enter the very-entry segment that can not be covered by the premium market, with a proper quality of products with world-class safety.

To be the best supplier to deal with, we know that we must be able to provide some business options for our dealers in the motorcycle gear distributing business line.

Our one part for it, we also focus on our own developed products (private brands), and we provide them for our dealers in the premium segment to provide some options for budget-customers who have a possibility to be your loyal customers in the future.