With regards to running a company, profits are of course crucial, and that is the same for any company. However, we have always believed in being ethical and striving our best to provide the best products at the best value to our customers. 

Most people deal with business competitors, or maybe get a headache working for their bosses.
This is the world we are living in, and everyone has certain difficulties, and that is normal.

However, other people might be facing more serious difficulties than us such as not being able to afford daily necessities and losing family members, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic started.

Of course, we were hit by the pandemic, financially. However, our team is lucky in the sense that we are still able to experience a semblance of our daily lives. We are also aware of the many people who are not as lucky as us. That is why, we have made up our minds to help in whatever way we can, to the best of our abilities. For us, succeeding in our business does not just mean achieving financial gains. We want to give back and help the less fortunate as well, and we make that a key mission in our company. We do not want to be a business that closes its eyes to anything other than numbers on a spreadsheet.

Business is done with people, people form a society, and life revolves around societies. That is our belief, and we will seek to contribute wherever we are able to.

The experiences we have gotten from helping others have enriched our lives and business in ways we could never have imagined. Bringing smiles to their faces has made us feel like we are able to contribute! So we strive to continue to do so. 


Team of Yamashiro Malaysia


In the Covid-19 pandemic, Malaysia faces many difficulties especially the economic restriction.
Many people lost their job, and many people face hunger when we talked about freedom after the Pandemic.

Hence we decided to implement a nationwide donation campaign "Buy FIVE, Donate FIVE%" as Five Gloves Malaysia from July to December 2021 in collaboration with a famous NGO, AL AZHAR CARE.